Studio Project: Evolution Pattern Recycled T-Shirt

This design is a creative exploration of patterns transforming from one form into another in a process of evolution.

Our new t-shirt is inspired by the transformation of waste materials into quality fabric. The idea came from a new development in the process behind the materials we use.

In the life cycle of a garment there is a lot of consumption of raw materials and wasted bi-products. We wanted to look closer at the life cycle of the garments we sell and reduce their impact on the environment.

We decided to use a t-shirt that has been made from recycled materials and this one started life as organic cotton cut offs and reclaimed polyester.

The design has been screen printed by the awesome Make Good Prints using waste ink that would otherwise be discarded. They mixed leftover inks to create a gorgeous minty green for us.

We also package the orders for delivery using recycled paper and tape.

To use materials that would have otherwise gone into landfill has been very satisfying as we are always trying to have as little impact on the environment as possible. 


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