The Pattern Guild is a design studio based in London that curate a variety of projects and produce limited edition products. 

Since 2013 they have championed the importance of the maker, sought out the best materials, produced ethically and sustainably, in order to guarantee quality in every product. 



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Made In England

Our products are made in England using the best materials in order to guarantee quality in every single product. Our fabric is also printed and woven in England.


High Quality Materials

Used in our t-shirts and sweatshirts, organic cotton is superior to standard cotton as it has longer, stronger fibres which create a softer fabric with a longer lifespan. It is environmentally friendly because it is grown without the use of synthetic agricultural chemicals such as fertilisers or pesticides.

The lambswool we use is Australian fibre spun in England and is softer than standard wool of the highest quality.



Screen-printing is a process by which ink is applied to fabric through a fine silk screen. 
To create a pattern you print layers of colour onto the fabric in a series of stages. For each stage there is a separate screen.

We use water based ink and cotton drill for our fabrics and design all of our patterns in our London studio.