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The Making Process No. 1 - Knitted Scarves

The Making Process No. 1 - Knitted Scarves

1: Select colours 

2: Select pattern

3: Knit on the knitting machine 

4: Hand wash the knitted scarf

5: Dry and iron 

6: Finish with a label

 Making process

Making process 2

Making process 3

Making process 4

Making process 5

Making process 6

Making process 7

Making process 8

Exhibition: P L A N T P O T London Design festival 2015

SMUG asked us to create a bespoke plant pot for an exhibition they are hosting at their lifestyle store in Islington as part of London Design Festival 2015.

"This creative collection marries London’s infectious love for the humble house plant with SMUG’s renowned taste for the coolest edge of British design, producing an original exhibition for LDF15 that any design or succulent lover can’t miss.

P L A N T P O T is a collection of...