Horniman Easter Fair

This weekend we had a stall at The Horniman Easter Fair in the beautiful conservatory they have in the grounds around the museum.

horniman easter fair 1

horniman easter fair 2

horniman easter fair 3

horniman easter fair 4

Horniman Easter Fair 31-03-2018 from The Pattern Guild on Vimeo.

Cosmetics / Tools / Pens

Studio Project: Art Of Noise Limited Edition T-Shirt

the pattern guild art of noise t-shirt

We designed a limited edition t-shirt for synth-pop legends Art Of Noise. It was in order to celebrate the reboot of their 1986 album 'In Visible Silence'.
They wanted a design that reflected the digital modernisation of their music.

the pattern guild art of noise t-shirt white

The album reboot was performed at Soundcity Festival on 25th of May in Liverpool, with Read the article →

Studio Project: Squaring the Circle

Embroidery and Fabric Design

We have used the concept of squaring the circle as inspiration for a new pattern. In order to express Pi in a visual way we created coded units that represent numbers 0-9 and used the number pi to generate the sequence.

Pi embroidery original artwork Pi embroidery close up

Pi embroidery main

There is an ancient greek mathematical problem created as an exercise for aspiring mathematicians to try and solve. It involves using a compass and a straight edge to create a square with an equal area as a given circle.


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